How would you like your tea?

take a deep breath, relax and enjoy a moment to reflect onthe traditional art of brewing theperfect pot of tea

boil your water and allow it to cool. our tea appreciate the ideal temperatures of:

SHINCHA – 60 to 70C
SENCHA – 70 to 80C
HOUJICHA – 80 to 90C
GENMAICHA – 80 to 90C

choose your favourite teacup, one that perfectly rests in your hand and brings a smile to your face. Pour the hot water into your teacup and then into the teaput. Doing this will reduce the temperature to the ideal temperature and give you the exact amount of water required.

place two rivers tea leaves into your teapot or infuser. allow 1 teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot. Allow your tea to steep for around 2-3 minutes serve in your pre-warmed teacup, until the final drop and/or heart is fully poured…